Bring One for the Chipper

Keep Polk Beautiful Executive Director Randy Cook was out collecting Christmas trees at Camp Antioch for the annual Bring One to the Chipper event on Jan. 4.

Polk County’s Christmas trees may no longer have presents under them, but many of them are still being put to good use thanks to the efforts of Keep Polk Beautiful and the Bring One for the Chipper event.

Locals were invited to bring their still-living trees to Camp Antioch where Keep Polk Beautiful Executive Director Randy Cook was ready with free tree seedlings and flowers for any and all willing to trade.

The idea is that instead of burning or simply discarding them, Christmas trees can instead be put to use as fish homes in Polk’s various lakes and ponds.

“Live Christmas trees can go from being inside someone’s home to becoming a home for fish in lakes and ponds around the county,” Cook said previously.

Approximately 15 trees were collected in the first few hours of the January 4 event, so Polk could see over a dozen new trees and flowers planted thanks to Bring One for the Chipper, Keep Polk Beautiful, and the citizens who stopped by.

The Keep Polk Beautiful group isn’t done working with the environment yet, so locals interested in getting involved can contact Cook by email at, by phone at 678-246-1083, or by visiting the team’s website at

Many of their prominent programs involve education, beautification, recycling, clean-up events, and much more.

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