Polk County’s drug court continues to provide success stories as an additional five participants graduated earlier this month from the program.

Regina Roberts, the Drug Court coordinator, reported that 180 people came out to take part in the ceremony, including a number of local officials, presided over by Tallapoosa circuit Superior Court and Drug Court Judge Meng Lim.

Tallapoosa Circuit District Attorney Jack Browning took part as a special guest speaker during the Feb. 5 event, and explained that his support of the drug court and it’s program to help offenders stay on a path of recovery is commendable.

He noted that the State of Georgia is now more accepting of Accountability Courts, but Browning was a pioneer of working with families and victims to not only prosecute cases, but in some instances with the victim’s support allow treatment as part of the sentencing process.

The drug court also provided the opportunity for County Commissioners Jennifer Hulsey, Scotty Tillery and Hal Floyd to show their support, along with a number of law enforcement officials.

Drug Court requires a period of approximately 24 months; the participant is mandated to work 40 hours per week, support their children, they must remain drug and alcohol free, work a minimum of 40 hours of community service, attend treatment three days a week with drug testing 2-6 times a week. The result is a graduate who is a thriving member of the community who pays their own way and gives back to pay it forward. The graduates are also required to complete six months of Aftercare.

The Drug Court Treatment Team (Carlton Lanier, Dr. Larke Lanier, and Kristin Sanchez) presented each candidate for graduation to Judge Lim. The graduate then was given time to speak individually and without fail, all five thanked Judge Lim and treatment for the opportunity to change their lives. Families, sponsors, and friends of the graduates applauded each graduate for the many months of hard work.

Information regarding Drug Court can be obtained by contacting Regina Roberts at the Drug Court office in Cedartown at 770-749-6797. The Tallapoosa Circuit Drug Court also has a Facebook page.