Grady McCrickard

District 4 school board member Grady McCrickard has served three terms in office, and seeks a fourth. / Kevin Myrick

Local residents have a choice to make by the end of next Tuesday. Who do they want to represent them on the school board, for a Polk County C0mmission seat, and in statewide offices? The choices Polk County makes now can shape the future to come. To better help voters understand who everyone is on the board, we’re providing some brief profiles of local candidates in contested races. We’ll have more information on those who are running unopposed, or who will face a challenge in November later on this week.

An incumbent school board member is seeking a fourth term in office in hopes to continue making progress and serve his fellow neighbors.

Grady McCrickard is hoping to gain a new four year term in office and continue on after 12 years on the board representing the 4th district on the board.

First elected in 2006, McCrickard began his run for office as a Democrat, but has since switched parties and has for his past two terms run on the Republican ticket instead.

He’s a longtime employee of the HON Company, and just a few weeks ago on May 3 celebrated his 35th year with the office furniture manufacturer in Cedartown.

If elected for a fourth term in office, McCrickard said his top priority will be to continue to work on improving security efforts. In past months, the board has already improved some of those areas where the greatest concerns were raised after a review, approving expenditures for new locks and making entryways at some of the schools not already corralling visitors into front offices to limit their access to school campuses.

“We've already begun to make some pretty big strides in the area of security,” McCrickard said.

Those will continue, along with a focus on continuing to improve academics at all levels, and increase the graduation rate.

McCrickard said progress is still being made in these areas, and if given a chance to serve a new term he’ll push to continue those efforts.

Most of all, he wants to be of service to his home.

“A lot of people want to accomplish and get things done, and I do too,” McCrickard said. “But I just want to serve the people who have been my friends and family for a lot of years.”