Police news

A Marietta man died as a result of injuries sustained when he wrecked a stolen motorcycle while fleeing from police, according to reports from the Georgia State Patrol. 

According to reports from GSP, Jeffrey Dwayne Johnson, 32, of a Marietta address, was fleeing pursuit from Polk County Police on the motorcycle on Highway and got out of sight of the officer before he lost control on a downhill curb and went off and struck an embankment, then went through several small trees until he hit a large tree and came to a rest off the roadway. 

GSP officials said they were able to determine what happened by the tire marks left on the roadway and pattern of debris spread around the scene. 

Johnson was pronounced at 11:38 p.m. on Saturday on the scene by Polk County Deputy Coroner Frankie Matthews, according to Coroner Tony Brazier. 

He being transported to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab for further autopsy, Brazier said.