Polk County Police Department

What could have been a tragic end for one man in Polk County instead saw the Cedartown-area resident transported to jail.

Angel Martinez Jr., 32, of 367 Mountain Home Road, Apt. 1, Cedartown, remains in jail without bond on charges of pointing or aiming gun or pistol at another, reckless conduct, discharging firearm while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and discharge of firearms on or near public highway or street.

Police were first called out to the Mountain Home Road area by a neighboring resident who claimed to have heard 30 shots go off in the area around Martinez's apartment around 1 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 20.

Officers rushed to the neighboring apartments and found Martinez in the driveway staggering back toward his porch with a pistol in his hand.

Police immediately took cover behind their vehicles and drew their own weapons, ordering Martinez to drop his gun and surrender to law enforcement.

After first tucking the gun back into his waistband and going back onto his porch, he was ordered again and tossed his pistol away before officers took him into custody and searched him for other weapons. Police found a number of open containers on Martinez's porch and in the living room of his apartment, along with several spent 9mm casings.

The report stated he also got a thorough lecture from arresting officer Kevin Robinson.

"I explained to the male that he could have killed some one while he was discharging his gun while he was drunk," Robinson stated in the report. "I told the male there was at least ten residents with in 100 yards of where he discharged his gun and that some one could have been shot. I explained to him that he could have been shot for pointing a gun at two police officers."

Police collected the pistol and spent shell casings and turned Martinez over to the Polk County Jail staff, where he has remained since the overnight hours Monday.