Police news

A man who was alleged to have pointed a gun at another driver attempting to pass was jailed after police pulled him over and found the weapon and marijuana in his truck, according to reports. 

Polk County Police reported that Peter Joseph Gibbons, 45, of a Rome address, was jailed by Polk County Police over the weekend on several charges after he was alleged on Sunday, Dec. 10 to have pointed a gun at the driver of a Chevrolet Impala trying to pass his Dodge Ram pickup truck on Highway 101 heading into the county toward Aragon. 

Reports stated that when Gibbons was pulled over by county officers with the help of Aragon Police as backup at Wolf's Store at New Prospect Road and Highway 101, they found at 9 mm Desert Eagle handgun, and Gibbons was reported to have admitted to being "had gotten angry so he pointed his weapon at the driver."

"Mr. Gibbons said that he never intended on shooting he was just angry," the report stated. 

Police stated Gibbons admitted to having mental issues, and that he had not been able to afford his medication. 

While in custody, Gibbons also admitted to having marijuana in the truck, reports stated. Police found it in the floorboard of the truck. 

The driver of the Impala who called 911 after he was first cut off trying to pass once, and then saw the gun when trying to pass a second time, stayed on the line with officials until Gibbons was taken into custody. 

Gibbons remained in jail without bond on charges of aggravated assault, pointing or aiming gun or pistol at another, aggressive driving, possession of a firearm or knife during the commission or attempt to commit certain felonies and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.