City of Aragon

City of Aragon

A small town with big goals is the best way to describe Aragon’s performance throughout 2017. The city doesn’t have the most citizens or the most money, but Aragon still finds a way to be one of the most active communities around.

Here’s a review of some of Aragon’s most shining moments during 2017:

Developing the City

Aragon spent a lot of time updating the city’s infrastructure in terms of accessibility, aesthetic, and safety.

May saw the city add a new parking lot at Tom Pittman field that was created in hopes of making the annual Aragon barbecue easier to get to.

The slating was done just in time for cars to park on it, and other pieces of the lot such as lines and asphalt were added over time.

A new basketball court was recently created by the city, and another smaller court is currently in the works as well. Locals now have a city-owned and maintained area to shoot hoops.

The community center received plenty of love over the past year with $6,000 being spent on sinks, faucets, countertops, wall end and finishers, cabinets, and trims among other upgrades.

An additional $1,629 was spent on black and white stoves, fridges, and microwaves. The white appliances are for use in the concession stand, the black appliances will be used in the community center.

The city also had new street signs put up around the city to ensure paramedics, police officers, and other officials could find their way around. A total of 76 street signs were missing, and that’s how many the city purchased.

For approximately $14 a piece, Aragon made sure any newcomers would have a hard time getting lost within town limits.

In terms of roads, Aragon’s council drafted up a large list of roads that were candidates for repaving and general repairs.

The list organizes roads based on their problem and need for attention. East Second Street is listed as a number one priority because of numerous potholes and cracks, and Brumbelow Street is a number 2 priority because of similar but less extreme problems.

Regardless of the number, the city hopes to see each street receive maintenance.

New Projects and Entertainment

Outdoor festivals and events proved to be Aragon’s go to form of entertainment this year. In October, the first-ever Aragon Pumpkin Fest invited locals out for a day of arts and crafts, food, hayrides, pumpkin painting, live music, and much more. Whether the Pumpkin Fest will be an annual event is yet to be decided, but the city is sure to have something planned for next fall.

The annual Aragon Barbecue was one of the county’s most anticipated summer events and for good reason. The weekend-long event saw a massive crowd gathered at Tom Pittman field where a softball tournament was played alongside music, massive amounts of barbecue, a pancake breakfast, vendors, and other non-barbecue foods. The barbecue is sure to take place again in the summer of 2018.

Children’s Day is another Aragon event. Themed around youth, children’s day honors upcoming generations and gives them plenty to do. The event is held every spring and 2018 is sure to see a visit from the day.

The city did experience incomplete or dropped projects, however. The city had a chili cook-off that failed to bring in sustainable entrants and had to cancel.

Also, the town’s second annual Christmas parade was called off after float count was low. While unsuccessful, the town did attempt to bring new events to the city.

New leadership and promises kept

2017 is also the year current mayor Garry Baldwin was selected to lead the city. Since entering office, Baldwin has been a driving force behind many of the changes and developments within Aragon, and the mayor made good on many of his promises such as creating new basketball goals and increased recreation.

While not everything has gone the city’s way, Aragon is making leaps and bounds compared to a few years ago.