Edgar (Ed) Pasley

The congregation at Rockmart Church of God recently honored pastor Edgar (Ed) Pasley in recognition of his 20 years of service.

Agnes Hagin

Edgar (Ed) Pasley has been pastor of Rockmart Church of God for 20 years, a milestone that has brought him honor and recognition.

The church congregation honored him during a June worship service. Mayor Steve Miller also presented him a framed document in recognition of his dedication to the community. It can now be seen on his office desk.

Service is part of his family’s tradition and he recalls the leadership and guidance of his parents and grandparents. His grandmother Zella Adcock is described as a great inspiration during his youth and the legacy of his great grandfather Samuel Towe will always be remembered.

“I am the fourth generation in the Church of God,” he said.

His first pastorate was at Towe Chapel near Pine Log, which was built on land donated by an uncle.

Pasley later served at Fairview Church of God and churches in Ellijay and Chatsworth. He fondly remembers the seven years he spent at one church.

“Only five people were present at the first service and many were ready to give up the church,” he said. “The Lord led me to encourage the people and we began working in the community with an outreach of visitation and prayer. A new building was later erected and the congregation continued to grow. We received showers of blessings.”

Pasley and his wife Maybelle arrived in Rockmart in 1994 when he was warmly welcomed to a new pastorate.

“Hospitality was extended not only by the church but the entire community gave us friendship and love that continues to shine today,” he said.

The care and compassion during 102 days of hospitalization with Legionnaires Disease is something Pasley said he would never forget.

“I believed I was going to die,” he said. “However, this church and everyone in the community rallied around us until I recovered.”

Thereafter, the local church had a vision of the future and decided to purchase land for a new structure.

“We have no room to expand at this site,” Pasley said. “So, we decided to purchase nine acres off Highway 113 across from Rockmart High School.”

Once the documents were signed, the economy slowed and the church delayed launching a major building project.

Meanwhile, Pasley said he enjoys going there and standing on the ground and thinking about the days when the first shovel of dirt will be moved.

Plans to build are still on the table, according to the pastor. However, he admitted that it will be in “God’s time, not ours.”