Noah Hensley is in love with firefighters. The Rockmart firefighter has been going to fire stations throughout the southeast since he was just a year old, and never goes anywhere without his own set of turnout gear.

On a recent trip to Florida, Hensley became a star on the small screen after Panama City’s News Channel 7 featured him in a match-up against a local firefighter.

His mom Amber Brock said that Noah took his first trip to a fire station in Rockmart at just a year old, and became fascinated by the men in their helmets and turnout gear.

Since then he’s been to stations all across the state of Georgia, along with visits to firefighters in Tennessee and Florida. He’s been to so many during his travels that Brock said she’s lost count.

“He always likes to take on a quick dress challenge and take a tour,” Brock said. “Every trip we take he brings along his gear.”

She said the family doesn’t mind Noah’s love of firefighters, since he’s learned a lot already about what they do to protect people and property from flames.

The family’s recent trip to Florida saw Noah take on Panama City firefighters twice – once on a June 3 visit where he won, then again when he came back for a rematch on June 5.

He remained undefeated against the Panama City’s challenger.

"Well, the way he laid his gear out looks like he's done it a lot, just how we would lay our gear out every single time we do one of these kind of races and I knew that he knew what he was doing," Randy Dozier, firefighter and EMT for Panama City Beach Fire Rescue, told WJHG in Panama City.