Meng Lim

Tallapoosa Circuit Superior Court Judge Meng Lim

A first candidate has officially announced they plan to keep their seat on the bench during the upcoming elections in 2018.

Tallapoosa circuit Superior Court Judge Meng Lim is looking to keep his job after he announced earlier in December he would see re-election during the midterm elections after serving his first four years in office.

The Haralson-based attorney was the first Asian American Superior Court judge to be voted into office in Georgia.

He has since taken over the Tallapoosa circuit Drug Court, sat on the state Supreme Court as a designate judge on a case, and been involved in a variety of programs locally including the start of the Problem Solving Court and the Parental Accountability Court. During his past four years in office, Lim also turned down the chance to serve on the state’s Court of Appeals.

Lim, whose family moved to Bremen when he was 9 years old, was the Bremen High School valedictorian of 1991 and a graduate of Emory University and the Mercer Law School. He also served as the County Attorney for the Haralson County government.

He said in a press release that he wishes to continue to serve the people. “Inspired by the unsolved murder of my brother, I ran for Superior Court Judge to ensure that all citizens in the Tallapoosa Circuit are safe and that justice is always served,” said Judge Lim.

“On the bench, I have fought for our community not the special interests. I put the law ahead of politics and personal ambition. Even when it wasn’t popular, I remained firm, fair, and transparent.

“Serving as The People’s Judge has been the honor of a lifetime. With the continued support of voters in Polk and Haralson County, I will keep fighting for our families, our communities, and our future.”

Though he won’t officially have to declare until late winter 2018 in March, with primaries following in May, Lim is the first to get an early start on the coming campaign season.