Letter to the editor

Editor’s note: This note was provided to the Standard Journal by County Commissioner Scotty Tillery. - KM

Dear Cedartown,

Thank you so much for opening your doors and arms and hearts to us this weekend to film “Black Mountain.” The inspirational thriller about finding the cure for cancer is a story we are excited to tell and can think of no place we would rather do so than in your backyard.

Everyone we met was incredibly kind and cooperative, offering to help our cast and crew at every turn. From the restaurants who fed our hungry crew, the hotel who gave us beds to rest, the homeowners and vendors who provided us sets to film, and the law enforcement officers who kept us safe and sound, we couldn’t have asked for a better filming locale.

Special thanks to Tracy Sargent, Charlotte Harrison, Bill Fann and Scotty Tillery for rolling out the red carpet and showing us the southern hospitality that makes Cedartown so special.

If you would like updates on the project, please follow our Facebook page by going to http://alturl.com/nu6ba.

We hope to hold a screening of the short film soon and be back to film the feature soon after.

Thank you again. And see you at the movies!

Best Regards,

Michael Lucker

Writer/Director, Lucky Dog Filmworks