Dear Editor,

In true media fashion, The Standard posted the statement of Commissioner Hulsey without allowing Chief Dodd to respond. Not only did Hulsey's statement sound juvenile but it was not validated by witnesses to know if it is in fact what happened after the meeting. In our times of social media, it will now be a entire week before a printed version of Chief Dodds side of the story is heard.

By that time, public opinion will be formulated, based solely on what you posted this morning (Monday, Aug. 7.)

In an already personally-fueled situation, posting just one side of the story jeopardizes not only Chief Dodd's job but those of his entire department.

It is no secret to the educated public that select Commissioners and Sheriff Moates have been moving towards changing the perception of the County Police Department and glorify the Sheriffs department. Election year is upon us. The public is not fooled. Don't personally discredit the Chief to fulfill your agenda.

This issue is two fold. The Standard issuing Ms. Hulsey's statement without Chief Dodd's is poor reporting. The handling of the issues between the two departments is shameful. Personal defamation to achieve agenda is deplorable.

It's enough that our public officials cannot handle their issues "in house" instead of using social media to sway public opinion but that our only remaining print media facilitates this by their actions this morning.


Trent Shepherd

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