Cedartown Lady Bulldogs at Woodstock

The Cedartown Lady Bulldogs remain undefeated on the season with their final invitational win at Woodstock this past weekend. 

  • The competition cheer squad will host a community exhibition tonight at 7:30 p.m.

You have one last chance to see the Lady Bulldogs competition cheer squad at home before they hit the road for the next two weekends to Columbus - one trip for region and the next for state - as Cedartown’s season hits the big time.

The Lady Bulldogs are holding an exhibition Thursday night in the CHS field house at 7:30 p.m. for the communtiy to come see the squad that remains undefeated on the year after picking up their final regular season win over the weekend on the road at Woodstock High School.

“They wanted a win today desperately and they walked into the fieldhouse every day this week at practice with the determination to execute to the best of their ability, and they did just that at Woodstock,” head coach Brigitte Tillery said. “We (Tillery and coach Jennifer Ruff) coach a phenomenal group of athletes and they have worked tirelessly and endlessly to develop the skills needed to be a winning team.”

Other than a group not hitting an inversion up to an extension during their stunts, Tillery said the squad had a near flawless performance at Woodstock High School.

With the latest win, Cedartown moves onto their region competition at Columbus State University this Saturday in hopes of getting another championship under their belt before a return trip to the Columbus Civic Center on Nov. 11 for the state championship.

Tillery said the Lady Bulldogs have to only perform perfectly three more times - well, four if you count this Thursday night.

“We will again make it our weekly goal to increase our score and execute even better next week at region competition,” Tillery said. “We are proud of their efforts, successes and attitudes and consider ourselves lucky to coach them.”