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The Cedartown Lady Bulldogs went through the season with an undefeated in competition cheerleading, but their hard work wasn’t quite enough to get them a repeat State Championship for 2017.

Cedartown finished up as a runner-up this year in Columbus despite a hard fight to perform well on the floor during the state round over the weekend.

“The squad did not put their best performance of the season on the floor at state, they had a stunt to come down and a tumbling issues with hands down twice,” head coach Brigitte Tillery said. “They are in the strongest region of 4A, with 3 of the 4 winners were from 5-4A today (Saturday.)”

Cedartown’s second place finish ended a season that included wins at invitational performances at Pepperell, Woodstock, Hillgrove, Columbus State twice, Carrollton and Woodland High Schools to go 7-0 through the season with a region championship for 2017. With their win in region, the Lady Bulldogs weren’t required to perform again during the opening day of the state championship competition on Friday, Nov. 10.

“We are very very proud of their season, their region championship and their state runner-up finish,” Tillery said. “They have worked incredibly hard all season and they are an amazing team of great athletes.”

She added that she was proud to coach this year’s team and that “I love these girls.”

Cedartown also offered up two nights of an exhibition in the past weeks for local fans to see their routine, once ahead of their region championship win on Nov. 2, and again last week on the evening of Nov. 9.

Tillery said the squad might have fallen short at state this year, but they will be back again in 2018.

“We’re going to work really hard to get back to the floor again in Columbus next year,” she said. “And I believe we can win the state title again.”