A trio of fires kept Polk County officials busy on Monday before rainfall finally came, with firefighters out on scenes throughout the day according to Polk County Public Safety Director Randy Lacey.

A citation was handed out for the first fire of the day for Lacey and the department after more than 2 acres were burned and three houses threatened by a trash fire that got out of control off Highway 278 near Big E's Automotive.

Lacey said firefighters were out for around 2 hours battling the blaze, and after finishing up operations were right back out again to a fire on Woodfall Road caused by a downed power line that burned 15 acres.

He said that 7 structures were threatened by the fire, but none were lost in that or any other fire for the day.

After spending 3 hours fighting the fire and watching it jump the road, Lacey said his crews were out again for another two acre fire on Jackson Chapel Road around 4:30 p.m.

He said that only one house was in any danger for the final fire of the day, and it too was caused by a downed power line.

Lacey reminds all residents despite the overnight rainfall and more forecast to come, the burn ban remains in effect until lifted by the county commission chair.

No permits will be issued, and anyone caught lighting a fire will face citation and penalties for doing so.