A partnership between an area college and the Polk School District hopes to produce better outcomes for local students as they get ready to take on the next level of education.

Kennesaw State University-Paulding (KSU) located in Dallas, was awarded a total of $1,287,500 over five years from the U.S. Department of Education’s Upward Bound Program to help promising low-income, potential first-generation college students in Polk County to prepare for college.

KSU will partner with Cedartown and Rockmart High Schools to provide 60 students annually with tutoring, counseling and advising to help them succeed academically. Through Upward Bound, KSU will also provide mentoring, parent engagement, state assessment preparation, career exploration, cultural experiences, and college visits to each high school participant of the program.

During the summer the students will get a chance to get accommodated to the college lifestyle before having to actually attending by spending 6 weeks during summer break at the KSU campus. The student will be provided transportation if needed and it is all funded by the Upward Bound grant.

“There is no greater loss to our culture than to have our bright and capable young students not attend college,” said Dr. Anita Van Brackle, KSU-Paulding Site Director. “As Upward Bound recipients, we will reach out to those low-income, first-generation students who have the interest and ability to complete a college degree. We are honored to collaborate with Cedartown and Rockmart High Schools. Through the use of this grant, not only will the lives of the students involved in the grant be changed but future generations will also be enriched.”

Dalton Lemelle and Charlotte Hiles notified the Polk County School Board of the Award on July 11, 2017.

Cedartown and Rockmart High School Students will receive

Upward Bound information in the upcoming weeks.

Along with receiving the Upward Bound grant, the Cedartown baseball team received a generous donation from the Tripp foundation totaling $52,000.

The money is expected to be used to make improvements on the Bulldogs ball field in the upcoming months. This will be improving the dugouts, adding two new batting cages, concrete block walls, carpet for the hitting facility, and a concrete bleachers on the home side.

The board tabled several policies for the upcoming school year to revise and make changes.

These policies deal with graduation requirements, awarding units transferring credits, corporal punishment policies, and policies dealing with parental involvement in education.

The policies were handpicked by the staff, assistant principals, and principles to be revised and be updated by the board.