Rockmart Walmart Manager Gary Howell and Chad Cox presented contest winner Olivia Golden with a $50.00 Walmart gift card, a tshirt with her drawing on it and her original drawing. This contest was open for all 4th-8th grade Polk County students. Olivia is a student at Cedartown Middle School.

Editor's note: This story in this week's edition of the Standard Journal contained an error on the date. The fishing Rodeo is coming up on June 10. We have corrected the story for readers online to reflect the correct date. -KM

Local youth and their parents will be gathering around a Rockmart-area fishing hole next weekend for an annual day giving children a chance to pull in a catch.

The annual Kids Fishing Rodeo is coming up on Saturday morning, June 10 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. for ages 15 and younger at Kenview Farms.

Hourly drawings for door prizes will be held and free refreshments are available for participants who want to take part in the event from around the area, according to Ranger First Class Chad Cox.

The Fishing Rodeo, located at Kenview Farms, is the only time of the year that the private pond on the farm is opened up to local residents for fishing. Fish are fed year-round and stocked for the event.

The first 500 people to show up receives a free t-shirt that was designed by a local student. On the back of the shirt is all of the businesses that sponsored the prizes for the drawings and also supplies for the rodeo.

The Fishing Rodeo has been going on for over 15 years now, started by retired Sgt. Ricky Dempsey is now organized by Cox.

Cox said the annual event is a great way for DNR to connect with the community and gives back.

"It's just something the kids really enjoy," said Cox. "It's the opportunity to fish, eat a hot dog, get a t-shirt so that when they leave that day, I know they had a good time."

After years of this event going on the same families come back so Cox gets a chance to see these kids grow up.

"I'm fortunate to have one myself," said Cox. "So to see him and his buddies get older and older and see them still come back fishing. I am glad to see them carry on the traditions on hunting and fishing."

Bait is allowed for the event, but no minnows can be used.

If you aren't able to make it to the Rodeo, or older than 15 then be glad to know that Georgia also provides three free fishing days anywhere in Georgia without a license on June 3, June 10, and Sept. 23.

To get more information or to see pictures of the Rodeo, visit the Polk County Kids Fishing Rodeo Facebook page.