State Rep. Trey Kelley

State Rep. Trey Kelley, R-Cedartown

By the time this issue is delivered to customers across the area, incumbent State Rep. Trey Kelley will have already gotten some business out of the way to keep his seat come November.

Kelley, who has served as representative for Polk and parts of Haralson County through three terms, is seeking a

fourth round in the House for the 2019-2020 session.

He said during an interview on Friday after his return home from a break after Crossover Day that he planned to be at the Secretary of State’s office first thing on Monday morning to qualify for a new term in office.

Kelley said he wishes to continue to work for Polk County and the values and ideals voters hold locally. However he’s looking solely at the work he has before him in the House chamber for the time being.

“Right now my focus has to be on serving and taking care of the job I have right now,” he said. “I’m focusing on making sure that public policy is made that will benefit the 16th district, and I think that for the past six years, and point back to some of the accomplishments that we’ve made, I think I’ve made my case to the community.”

He added that he believes having the trust of local citizens in sending him back to the state capitol for three terms has been “the greatest honor of my life” and hoped they would extend the trust for another two years.

A local attorney at Parker and Lundy, Kelley and his wife Amy live in Cedartown with their three dogs. He began serving as the 16th district state representative in 2013 after announcing his candidacy at 24. He’s now 30, in the latter half of his third term in office and ran in 2016 without opposition.

“It’s honor for me and Amy to serve those who have done so much for the community and help give back to a group of people who have done so much for me and helped me in my life,” he said. “To help determine the future of Polk County and the 16th district is a great honor.”

He’s soon to be focusing his own election again to the state house, but will also be working on behalf of a Republican candidate later this year following the primaries in the Governor’s race.

Kelley said he’s sat with all the candidates so far and hasn’t made a decision about who he will support during the statewide May 22 primary for Republican and Democratic candidates. “I think I can best serve our community by holding out on an endorsement until I feel absolutely comfortable with a candidate,” Kelley said. “I think I’m doing what a lot of Georgians are right now, I’m sitting back and learning more about the candidates, and talking about issues that are important to me. I do look forward at some point to making an endorsement.”

He said that he’s looking for someone who will continue to put a priority on tax reform, moving forward past steps made during this year’s session to bring down rates, plus many more issues.

“I want someone who reflects the values that we hold here in our community,” he said. “I want someone who is going to go out and lead our state in a thoughtful way, just like Gov. Deal has.”