Hunter England arrived at K-9 Grooming with two of his beloved pets.

He brought Daisy and Lillie to the Rockmart business for a complete grooming session, which Julie Camp, owner and groomer, said is important for pets during the summer months.

“Summer is a great time for dogs to get a hair cut to help keep them cool,” Camp said.

She encourages pet owners to bring their animals in for attention when they are still young or as soon as they have received all their shots.

This allows time to begin a program of prevention and treatment for such pests as fleas and ticks. The warm weather brings abundance that feast on pets – any size or breed.

Camp and Crystal Martin often work together to groom animals brought to K-9 Grooming, located at 127 College Street.

Taking a moment from her busy schedule, Camp talked about celebrating 10 years in business in Rockmart.

“This is a good location since we get a lot of traffic along this street,” she said.

Camp believed a small community would be a great place to open a business and has discovered it has been better than she imagined.

A bonus for her business is that the slow economy has not prevented customers from returning.

“People will give up other things for their pet,” she explained.

Apparently this has proved true for the business, which began with about 100 clients and now has about 1,000. A total of 20 dogs per day are brought to get a new look. They come from not only the Rockmart area but also other counties, including Paulding and Bartow and even Alabama and Atlanta.

“Pet parents (owners) will bring their darling to a place they feel is clean and secure, provides friendly service and has a compassion for animals,” Camp explained. “To them, it is similar to taking a child to day care. It is normal procedure and I expect them to have questions that gives assurance their pet will receive the best service possible.”

Part of Camp’s attention to details is a passion for her job. As a teen, she considered becoming a veterinarian. However, this goal changed when at age 19 she became a groomer and she said the rest is history.

For her, the job is never the same as each day brings something different - whether it is a new pet or customer.

Each one has a different personality, according to Camp.

“Some are shy and others are aggressive but they share the same trait we have. Each one wants to feel comfortable, secure and loved.”

When a new pet arrives, she works to gain trust and respect of the animal. “If their first visit isn’t enjoyable, they will not be happy,” she explained. “I want each one to be so excited they will want to return. This is evidenced when they bark and run around the shop.”

Many of these happy pets sport the latest style. Grooming is sought for dogs that range in weight from two to 100 pounds.

“We must keep up to date on the fashions,” Camp said. “These pets not only get a hair cut but many also leave with painted nails or an attractive bow to make them more appealing.”

Camp announced K-9 Grooming will be closed for vacation July 19 – 26. For more information about this business, call 678-757-9414.