James Gregory

James Gregory

‘Funniest man in America’ coming to Performing Arts Center on March 12

Cedartown Performing Arts Center will soon play host once again to a touring comedian who hopes to make young and old bust a gut for an evening with the ‘funniest man in America.’

James Gregory, a Georgia native who focuses on family-friendly comedy, will be bringing his love of humorous storytelling to the Cedartown Peforming Arts Center on March 12.

It’s not his first time in Cedartown, Gregory said, but it will be the first time he’s returned in many years.

Born and raised in Lithonia, Gregory can remember a time before his home was part of the metro area, and draws from his experiences of that youth and contemporary times to craft what he dubs as more of an ongoing amusing conversation in his show.

“It’s the kind of comedy material based on real life, something that people can relate to,” Gregory said. “I’m always in the lobby after the show hanging around the merchandise table, and I have people come up to me and they will say things like ‘I swear you must have grown up in my neighborhood,’ or ‘I had an uncle just like you….’ It doesn’t matter if you’re 8, to 18, to 80, I guarantee you’ll have a great time.”

Though Gregory keeps his act clean for all to enjoy, he understands how other comedians use material not suitable for children in their routines. He also understands why many choose to get involved in political commentary, but he stays away from that as well.

Gregory said he might venture from time to time into topics on the news, but those stories he does talk about are always something anyone can relate to in everyday life. For instance, he said he recently brought up a news item about how bacon is bad for people during a show in South Carolina, and has also provided his opinions on how much he enjoys Oreo cookies.

“When they go out to see a show, they kind of want to get away from the news for a while, and have some fun,” Gregory said.

Most importantly, he wants people to have a good laugh and a good time.

Tickets remain on sale for Gregory’s show on March 12 at the Cedartown Performing Arts Center starting at $15. Go online to cedartownshows.ticketleap.com to find more.

Find more about Gregory’s comedy and other upcoming shows at funniestman.com.

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