Fenley TV partnered with Keep Polk Beautiful this past weekend to make sure that hundreds of pounds of electronics will be disposed of responsibly and not end up in some place like the Grady Road Landfill.

The business and the local organization worked together as part of the annual Great American Cleanup, and gave people a first chance to get rid of old electronics like computers, laptops, phones, printers and even the power cords for all these products to an organization that will tear them down to their base components.

Every piece of equipment will be shredded up and broken down to their base metals to be recycled and used again, and the goal is to make sure that as much of the electronics — full of precious metals like copper, silver and gold — aren’t wasted in a landfill.

Keep Polk Beautiful Executive Director Randy Cook said it is his goal to provide electronics recycling days in the future, with the hopes of having them quarterly with the help of Randy Fenley, owner of Fenley TV Repair.

He said further announcements about future recycling days will be made as soon as a regular schedule can be worked out.