Police news

A homeowner chased away two men who were trying to enter his shop on Thursday, and the pair remain at large following attempts to locate them following the incident, according to Polk County police reports.

The two men were attempting to get into a shop at the Gordon Road home, when motion alarms went off and then a chase got underway through the woods, with the homeowner in pursuit with a gun.

He lost sight of them at the wood line, and later when police were on the scene the two men were spotted briefly, and a K-9 dog was brought onto the scene to attempt to track the suspects, but they couldn't be found Thursday.

No one was injured in what police called an attempted home invasion late Thursday afternoon, Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd reported.

Two potential suspects were questioned but later released at an Aragon store after store surveillance video proved them to have been there when the incident happened.

Police are hoping that anyone with information about two men spotted in the Collard Valley Road area, one shirtless and one wearing a red shirt, will report it to the department by calling 770-748-7331.