The Rockmart Farmers Market is now in full holiday mode, and crafts makers have taken to selling handmade goods alongside local farmers on Rockmart’s Water Street every Thursday from 2 through 6 p.m. The chilly winter weather invites locals to get their fruits, vegetables, sweets, and crafts all in one place.

Jane Sorrells is one artisan who brought Twinkledinks, her crafts shop, to the farmers market to sell home décor and nick knacks made out of re-purposed quilts, natural items like pine cones and cotton, and many more materials. Sorrels plans to sell her goods at the market until the holiday market ends in late December.

“I’ve been doing this all my life, but this is my first time here,” Sorrells mentioned. “My goods are also being sold over at Now and Then, and customers can order products directly from me by calling or emailing orders.”

Including the farmers market and Now and Then, orders can be placed by contacting Sorrells at 678-901-5422 or

Regardless of the purchase, customers can leave the market assured Sorrels used her lifelong experience and natural, vintage, and re-purposed materials in every one of her creations.

“I made the reefs with pine cones and wood, I made these ornaments with shells, and I use a lot of cotton in the décor,” Sorrells said. “My favorite items are probably the birds that I made out of old quilts that can’t be fixed. Instead of just throwing them out, I get to use them. Some of them are from the 40’s and 50’s.”

Twinkledink crafts won’t break the bank either, and patrons can expect to spend anywhere from $15 to $40 for larger crafts and $3 to $16 on ornaments. Prices range depending on the item, and Sorrells is constantly updating the store’s product line.

“Next week I’ll probably have homemade soaps, cotton stalks, and quilt blocks, among other things,” the crafts maker explained.

The Rockmart Farmers Market is now open year round, but the Holiday Market will only extend into December.

Those looking to grab some crafts with their vegetables should visit within the next few months. Holidays mean vacation time for local farmers, and the farmers market will be on break for 2 weeks at Thanksgiving and 3 weeks at Christmas.

Customers should note the Georgia Fresh for Less Program through Wholesome Wave, Georgia will not provide the usual food stamp double on crafts vendors. Those who purchase edibles from the market can still expect a double of up to $50 per person using their SNAP card.

Visit for more information on the market and the various farmers, craft makers, and cooking classes.