Mark your calendar

The Polk County Historical Society has long been dedicated to preserving local history, and a big part of that mission means helping to spread the words and experiences of those who’ve lived in Georgia and the south.

The group will be hosting a book signing with author Gerald Bruce Andrews who recently put out the work “A Mill Village Story: A Southern Boyhood Joyfully Remembered.”

While the book isn’t about Polk County, it offers insight into the history and culture of West Point, Georgia – a small town much like one would find in Polk.

Those interested in meeting the author, picking up a copy of the book, or getting a signature can visit the PCHS Museum on December 14 beginning at 2 p.m. There is no admission fee, and the books are being sold there for $28.95.

The work’s publicist offers additional information:

“This book on life in a Southern textile mill town is dynamically written and would cover many topics likely to interest your audience, especially as it chiefly takes place in West Point, Georgia, where as it happens Andrews presently lives. A Mill Village Story is the record of one man’s upbringing in a place and time that is quickly vanishing. A quintessentially American small town, West Point, Georgia is a place defined by its local industry — a world-class textile mill run by West Point-Pepperell corporation — and adherence to traditional Southern values. Everyone author Gerald Andrews knew or just rubbed shoulders with worked at the mill, and it was Andrews’s experiences there that would take him from relative poverty to the corporate boardroom. A Mill Village Story is an account of Andrews’s early years, his rapid rise to leadership in various textile firms, and the special character of the village that shaped him.”

“Blurbs in for the book praise the work. George Littleton, Professor of English and Chair of the Communications Department at Auburn University, has this to say: “In A Mill Village Story, Gerald Andrews tells the story of the mill villages of the Greater Chattahoochee Valley and his own experiences with a charming touch. Andrews is a great citizen of the valley, in both civil service and executive record, but what comes through most clearly in these pages is his genuine love for the people and culture of the place that shaped him. Author Gerald Andrews is a seasoned presenter, who will make this history come alive. He will be traveling extensively with his book.”

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