Need some help covering the food this month? Looking to help those in need but don’t have a lot of time? Want to help eliminate hunger while just going about your day? Got some free time you want to put towards helping the needy eat?

A non-profit agency, Helping Hands (HH) works to provide food, household items, and clothing to those who need it most, and the ministry is accepting donations of any and all kind from anyone and everyone in order to maximize.

The hours for receiving food assistance are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for 12 to 4 p.m. at 221B S. Piedmont Ave. in Rockmart. Several programs are in place to ensure citizens get the care they need.

“CSFP is a Federal program for seniors with low income that allows the elders to receive a box of non-perishable food items each month,” HH volunteer Linda Ferguson said. “We also supply donated items, blankets, gloves, personal items and carrying bags to the homeless and keep special foods on hand for those without electricity or refrigeration.”

Those interested in the benefits the ministry can provide are encouraged to visit the building in person or call 770-684-0038 for more details.

Supporting those in need is never cheap, however, and HH operates on a monthly budget of $3,500 to $4,000. The figures cover food, rent, utilities, and transportation costs racked up by the ministry, and with more money, the more assistance Helping Hands can provide.

“November and December have begun to be our annual fundraising months,” Ferguson said. “We appreciate all who help with food items, cash, or donation drives such as Triangle IGA Grocery, Schools, Post Office, various Merchants and local Churches.”

Triangles is one of the newer entities to help out the ministry. Triangles Food, 1051 Nathan Dean Bypass, Rockmart, will be asking customers if they would like to add a dollar to their total bill for the sake of HH.

“We are able to buy from Atlanta Food Bank at a much lower cost than the typical grocery store,” HH volunteer Victoria Millhollan said. “We would like to thank Triangle for their support.”

Adding a dollar to your bill is a good means of donating to the pantry, and those looking to do hands on volunteering are just as welcome. Those interested should contact the store via phone or in person.