Helping Hands Food Pantry in Rockmart

Shelves stay regularly stocked with the help of donations and volunteers at Helping Hands Food Pantry in Rockmart.

The Helping Hands Ministry in Rockmart is excited about their growth in service through their food pantries over the past few months, and gives thanks to those in the community who have helped.

The pantry’s use of more outlets such as mobile pantries has aided in their expansion to reach more families.

Previously in February, the organization stated in a brief release that they were “at a crossroads as to whether [they would] be able to stay open or not.”

Since Helping Hands operates on donations, they rely on those in the community in order to serve the local families, and stated that “every little bit helps.”

Through the past month of May, the group’s numbers grew as they were able to reach a total number of 1,972 households and families served.

Linda Ferguson, Assistant Director of Helping Hands Ministry, believes the opening of the mobile pantries has played a large role in the number of people served in May.

For example, at the Helping Hands Food Pantry location in Rockmart, 535 households and families were served at the traditional pantry, while 773 were served at the drive-through mobile pantry.

The Good Neighbor Food Pantry location in Cedartown also implemented a mobile pantry and saw positive results.

In just one month, 193 households and families were served at the original pantry location, while 471 were served at the mobile pantry.

The total amount of food distributed through both locations in Polk County was over 48,000 lbs., which proves that the Helping Hands Ministry is making a huge impact on the community.

“We are so excited! It is amazing to be able to reach more people,” Ferguson said.

“We want to thank each of you for your donations, thoughts, and prayers during the past month,” Ferguson added. “Please continue to remember us and our thrift store, with which we buy food for the pantry using the donations through sales.”

The Helping Hands Food Pantry is located at 221B S. Piedmont Ave., Rockmart and the Helping Hands Ministry Thrift Store is located at 107 W. Church St., Rockmart. Call 678-685-4644 for more information and to learn how to help.