Homespun Festival 2017

A variety of musical talent provided entertainment for the two-day Homespun Festival in Rockmart on July 21 and 22.

Tyler Williams/SJ

Another milestone year came and went at this year's Homespun Festival with a big bang at the finale as local residents enjoyed the end of the event fireworks show.

Despite hot weather, the 40th annual Homespun Festival provided locals and visitors alike great food, entertainment, and family fun to build new memories upon.

It's also a weekend where stories abound and people come together to share their tales.

One story to stand out was that of artist Young Yoo who brought along scenic acrylic paintings that make one believe that his ocean vistas are right in front of the customer.

Yoo came to the United States around 25 years ago and became a freelance painter after working as a painter for a company for more than 10 years.

He travels around festivals selling his paintings for his main source of income ,but also because its his passion. Yoo said that his workings tend to be ocean views because with his brush he is able to create paradise before him with only a paintbrush and imagination.

While other the kids ran around in the marshmallow-filled grounds battling each other in marshmallow wars two best friends took a different peaceful approach with their new plastic weapons of destruction.

The two best friends Carson Waller, 9, and Wesley Camp, 9, who said they've been coming to Homespun since the age of two. The pair sat along the creek together in hopes that they would figure out how to bounce marshmallows across the water in an effort to skip them to the other side.

"We come here every year to play," said the pair together. "Our favorite thing is the marshmallow guns, but so far we have only skipped two (across the creek.)"

The Church 101 youth group came down and set up a tent in hopes to attract more youth to come and be a part of their ministry.

The youth group gave out t-shirts and sunglasses of to all the kids to help shade them from the boiling hot sun. If you do not have a home church and you want to be apart of a youth ministry Wednesdays at 7 p.m. at the Van Wert Elementary School or you can check out their Instagram page at @101_students.

"We are all about the community and we just love to spread some love to our people," said the youth pastor John Poulin. "So we are just out here spreading the word and spreading the love to everybody who's out here."

The Cook Farm also came down with some of their furry friends for the kids to ride and pet. while some kids chased the ducks and rabbits others who was not familiar with animals was chased by the ducks with their "vicious" duck beaks.

Nora Cook also brought down one of her horses down and let them ride him around the park.

The Cook Farm provides horse riding lessons, horse farm camps, a pony and petting zoo, and parties. If your kid has a passion for animals or one is interested in learning the ways of a cowboy the contact number is 678-988-1701.

While some were beating the heat others would rather sit in the cool shade such as Jamal Davis. Davis is now 18 and said that he has came down every year since he was 7. Davis and his crew come back year after year for the food, lemonade, and the girls, but Davis also comes back for the nostalgia.

"I come back here every year for the memories," said Davis. "We've been coming here since we was little kids and I just have some many memories of having a good time here throughout the years."

Just as in years before when rain hasn't called off the finale, the 40th annual Homespun Festival wrapped up the hot day in a explosion of fireworks.

This year's Homespun will be remembered not by the amount of t-shirts that left the park drenched, but also will be remembered for all the good times all had under the sun.