The Cedartown Bulldogs have two more reasons to cheer as two more senior football players have found new teams to play for at the next level of competition.

Keshun Kent and Steven Howard both signed the dotted lines surrounded by family, fellow teammates and coaches to play for the Shorter Hawks football program in the coming years.

The pair were the latest to sign and the third from Cedartown to commit to the Rome-area university’s program in recent weeks.

Head coach Doyle Kelley said Kent and Howard are just two more examples of how the success of the program isn’t just about winning, but about securing futures for those who play the game.

“It’s a good thing. We knew we had a special bunch,” he said. “When I took over last January, we knew these guys we’re going to be successful... these guys are going to go far because they do the right thing. They have good work ethic, and leadership skills and do well in the classroom.”

Kent, who played both offense and defense during the 2017 season, said Hawks coaches are already planning to place him as cornerback.

“I’ve had a lot of offers from across the country, but most of the schools were far away, like 15 hours away” Kent said. “I just started thinking about being close to my friends, and my family in case I needed something important.”

He plans to study physical therapy and hopes he’ll be able to continue onward in sports past his college career in some capacity.

“I’ve been around sports since I was five years old, and drifting away from that would be impossible for me,” Kent said.

Kent was joined by his parents Kishani and Shun Kent, and his girlfriend Makzenie, along with his brothers.

Joining Howard for his signing were his parents Matt and Nicole Bentley and his grandfather Benny Waldrup for his signing with the Hawks.

He said Shorter coaches plan to keep him playing as a center in the years to come.

“I fell in love the moment I got there,” Howard said. “It’s not just a great place to succeed as a student, but also a football athlete.”

Coaches from Shorter contacted him on the same day that fellow teammate Cruz Rodriguez signed with the Hawks asking him to make an official visit. Howard said he couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity.

Howard plans to study in Shorter’s nursing program during his forthcoming time in school.

“I’ve had a lot of family in and out of hospitals, and I think it is a good field I can get into,” he said. “It’s something I think I can prosper in.”

The trio of Shorter signees are joined by Trevon Wofford who will play for the University of Pikeville as quarterback in his forthcoming college career after signing on Feb. 16.

Kelley said that the hopes are more Bulldogs will soon be able to announce more scholarship opportunities in the weeks and months to come, but one in particular is coming up for a Bulldog baseball player this Friday.

Cedartown senior Jack Haney will be taking his talents to the next level as well in ceremonies later this week, with the school to be announced before friends and fellow players during an afternoon event.