Meng Lim

Meng Lim

Meng H. Lim has qualified as a candidate for Superior Court Judge of the Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit and wishes to serve its citizens.

Lim, a longtime resident of the judicial circuit, moved to Bremen in 1982 at the age of 9 with his parents Se and Anh Lim. The Class of 1991 valedictorian at Bremen High School, he attended Emory University and the Mercer University Law School before starting to practice law in Haralson County and in the Tallapoosa Circuit.

He said in a release that he wanted to start his legal career by studying with the superior court judges in the Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit at that time—Judge Arthur Fudger, Judge Marion Cummings anJudge William “Bill” Foster, III.

Lim has over 15 years of trial experience; he is also the County Attorney for Haralson County, having served in this position for the past 9 years.

Lim credits his study of jurisprudence with the Superior Court Judges as one of the most important experiences in his 15-year legal career. “I learned so much working for these judges as a law clerk in the Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit. At that time, the Tallapoosa Circuit encompassed Haralson, Polk and Paulding Counties. I was trained to understand the operations and procedures of a Superior Court Judge both inside the courtroom and inside the judge’s chambers. I also recognized that besides being the inevitable umpire for twbattling lawyers, so to speak, a good judge must possess a talented administrative ability to deal with the inherently huge caseload that plagues our courts. It demands someone with a tireless work ethic. It is not comforting for someone to wait in court all day only to be told to go home without having an opportunity to address his or her concerns.”

For Lim, the main challenge for anyone sitting as a superior court judge is courage. “It is essential that our judiciary is independent and impartial in order to foster public trust in our legal system. In school we were all taught that our country is comprised of three independent branches of government. That is the reason that this election is non-partisan. A judge should have the courage and ability to resist pressures that threaten judicial independence and integrity, regardless of unpopular issues or the parties involved. To promote public confidence in the integrity of the judiciary, judges and judicial candidates should clearly identify their currentpositions to avoid misrepresentation to the public regarding their current statuses.”

Lim added, “A judge also must have good insight, understanding of, and connection with people and life experiences. It is not all about legal knowledge and training. A judge should be willing to listen and consider the views of all parties to a dispute before making decisions, sometimes tough and complex. A judge should also be able to convey his or her decision to the parties and public at large with empathy, understanding and care. Regardless of the decision, a party should walk out of the courtroom with a sense of justice and that he or she got a fair shake, instead of feeling short-changed by the legal system. This is vital to avoid provoking anger and resentment

Lim is a father of two children: Elizabeth and Nicholas, who are 9 years old and 4 years old, respectively. In his leisure time, Lim enjoys fishing and camping with his children. Lim is a member of the Haralson County Veterans Association and Concerned Veterans for America.

He routinely does pro bono work for these organizations.

Lim stated that since living in the Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit, the people of this community have been very good to him and his family. He would like to give back to the community by serving the citizens of the Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit and making decisions that have positive impact for the people here.Lim urges anyone who desires to elect the right person for this position to register to vote because the decisions of the prevailing candidate for this election will have considerable and lasting impacts in this community, whether they involve drugs, theft, or other crimes; or just about every aspect of a person’s life and livelihood.