Rockmart seniors looking at options in 2017

Gage Nesbitt is headed to Reinhardt University in the Fall of 2017. 

Some seniors plan to stay to better their community, while others look ahead to going away for college.

The seniors school year is coming to an end now that May 26 is less than a month away, but students are still having to make life decisions with only a short time left before graduation.

Some of those seniors getting ready to graduate will soon have to deal with major life changes once they get the diploma in their hand.

Among those is Gage Nesbitt.

He is heading to Reinhardt University in the fall and is worried about having to adapt to life after graduation.

“I’m most worried about having to adapt to life after high school,” Nesbitt said.

“Taking on new responsibility and learning to be a functioning member of society while also following my dreams will be a change in how life is now.”

While some students are making their adjustments for the life change, others are planning out for their future. Chloe Brinkley plans on majoring in Forensic Science after she completes her time in high school.

“I plan on attending Dalton State for my first two years,” Brinkley explained.

“After that I plan on heading up to the University of Tennessee to finish up my bachelors and getting a internship with the GBI my junior year.”

Some students plan on staying in Rockmart after graduation to help the community expand or to save up money for college.

Sean Williams plans on getting his money for college in a interesting way.

“Well I plan on staying and raise money as a stringer for the Standard Journal but I plan to attend various fighting game tournaments such as Street Fighter and BlaZBlue,” Williams said.

“Then I will use that money saved up to attend college for a English and Literature major.”

Rockmart High School has a large group of students that plan on making their home town proud one way or another after they graduate.

The Class of 2017 will be the future of this town and as of now: it seems that it is in good hands.