Rockmart High School seniors will be walking the field this week, but the soon-to-be grads aren’t phased.

Students Sam Spangler, Chris Schneider, Ian Williams, and Mason Kendrick had a variety of ideas for their post-graduation plans.

Spangler, hoping to major in political science and history, applied to and was accepted by numerous colleges, but she plans to finisher her Associates Degree locally before transferring to Kennesaw University.

“I’ve been accepted to the University of North Georgia and Shorter, but I’m going to go to GNTC (Georgia Northwestern Technical College) to finish my Associate Degree, and then afterwards, I’m going to Kennesaw,” Spangler said.

Kendrick sees psychology in her future, and since being accepted into Georgia Southern, she plans to major in the subject.

“I’ve been accepted to Georgia Southern,” Kendrick said. “I’m majoring in psychology and (plan to minor) in music.”

Schneider, also a future Kennesaw student, plans to earn his living through Mechanical Engineering, and with a year of working as a welder under his belt, he seems more than prepared.

“My plan after graduating from Rockmart is to go to school at Kennesaw State for Mechanical Engineering,” Schneider said. “I’ve been working with engineers at work for nearly a year, so I think I’m ready to turn it into a career.”

Williams, hoping to save money for college, plans to take a gap year, but once ready, he, too, plans to attend Kennesaw University to learn a branch of engineering.

“First things first, I’m going to take a year off and just save up money so I can afford textbooks, a car, rent, tuition, and whatever else,” Williams said. “Afterwards, I’ll go to Kennesaw to decide which branch of engineering I want to work in.”

Finishing college and doing what they love won’t be an easy road, but commitment is the first step, and the students have plenty.