The spirit of the Christian community in Rock­mart brought together local residents who are trying to help others in need through a family-organized program in Polk County.

Over the weekend, the God’s Loving Angels program organized by Floreace Stocks and her family held an gospel-fueled event to raise money to help make sure that people in her community don’t have to go to bed hungry each night.

So far 26 families have been fed by the organization, which funded entirely by the community and helps provide groceries for nominated families in need around Polk County.

In order to raise these funds, Stocks organized the event at Seaborn Jones park, where live music, fresh cooked fried fish, hamburgers, and an assortments of other foods and beverages were available for purchase.

More events will be coming up on a monthly basis and will be announced, Stocks said.

Her ultimate hope is that with a good slate of performances and a large crowd, she’ll be able to get at least a few new converts to helping God’s Loving Angels and their Feed the Sheep program.

The next big event which is only thrown once a year is called “Feed My Sheep” and will be in November, this will be at the Rockmart’s Nathan Dean Center, and it is open for all the members of the community.

Stocks originally started out providing Thanksgiving dinners with the help of her family, and over the years has watched it grow to give a holiday meal for those in need. Stocks felt as if she was not fulfilling the desire she has to help her community.

So Stocks began to reach out to other kind souls to help form a larger group to help fight hunger not just one day a year, but the other 364 on the calendar.

“What I gain from this is to see the joy and smiles on the families and children’s faces when we help them,” Stocks said. “There is nothing more fulfilling in this world than giving with your heart.”

The rest of the Stocks family are just as passionate about the need to help, and are followers not only of the holy spirit, but in the efforts to make God’s Loving Angels a success.

With their Christ-like actions, many families have been able to eat and have food and this is all done by Stock and her crew devoting their time, love, and passion to share joy throughout the community inevitably making Polk County a better place and a loving environment for everyone.

God’s Loving Angels started more than a year ago by Stocks, and originally the members consisted of co-workers and some members of her church. As time has gone by, members of the community have reached out to join the great cause.

Stocks encourages anyone who feels the need to help and feed the hungry to join God’s Loving Angels and help make the change that is needed around the community.

She said any donations or help that anyone would like to give in putting together the event, or with the God’s Loving Angels program, would be appreciated.

Those interested in lending their assistance can reach her at 678-719-1981.