Cruise Planners of Cedartown - Sheri and Mike Hunter

Sheri and Mike Hunter are the owners and operators of Cruise Planners in Cedartown, a franchise travel business. (Kevin Myrick/SJ)

You might be surprised how often I either get asked what to pack or hear of somebody saying “I sure wish I had thought to bring…..” on a cruise. So….I put this list together of what I’ve found to be very useful items to take on a cruise.

This list does not include your own personal items and clothing and, as you will see, is directed to Caribbean, Mexico, or Hawaiian cruises----those with warmer climates.

1. Your passport or other boarding identification as well as a convenient holder.

2. Luggage tags required by your cruise line as well as some plastic holders. (Paper ones are easily torn off)

3. Cruise boarding pass.

4. Outlet strip without surge protection. They usually only have one or two outlets, especially on older ships.

5. Extension cord, especially if you use a CPAP.

6. Wrinkle free spray. (you can’t bring an iron on board---even though my wife once tried to)

7. Alarm clock. Your phone may automatically adjust to changing time zones but most ships stick to “ship time” which is based on that of your departing port.

8. Towel clamps to hold your towel to your lounge chair on board and on beach.

9. Lanyards are convenient ways of carrying your keycard which is everything while onboard as well as necessary when you leave and return to the ship.

10. Ziplock bags will have a myriad of uses.

11. Hand sanitizer, especially if you need ones with moisturizer.

12. Sunblock. While in the Caribbean you will be closer to the sun.

13. Medicine/first aid. Band-aids, disinfectant, motion sickness meds, Tylenol, etc.

14. Cash. You won’t need a lot but you may want to tip, or taxi ride, or buy smaller items at ports. Also, many credit card companies charge fees for use abroad.

15. Door decoration/sign to make your stateroom door more easily distinguishable.

16. Lysol spray.

17. Wet wipes.

18. Highlighter and pen. Each day you’ll receive a pamphlet with all the day’s activities, which will be a LOT! You’ll want to identify the activities you want to do from all those you are not interested in.

19. Duct tape. So may uses and so little time.

20. Waterproof container for cellphone, camera, wallet, cash, etc.

21. Your personal allotment of soft drinks or water (Carnival allows one 12 pack per person of cans---no plastic or glass bottles)

22. Excursion backpack to make carrying and keeping up with all your “stuff” much easier.

23. Small nightlights are nice to have when going to the bathroom at night, especially in an interior cabin where it may be pitch black.

24. Formal change of clothes (most cruises have at least one “formal” attire night for their main dining rooms).

25. Camera, Cellphone, and other electronics and their batteries and/or chargers.

If you would like help planning and preparing your next vacation, contact Mike Hunter at 678-901-0993. I won’t help you pack but I can help you with most everything else.