Church news

More than 90 people recently attended the Golden Age meeting at First Baptist Church of Rockmart.

Dan Casey led a prayer and welcomed visitors Susan Waites, Larry Lawhorn, Carol Gremling and Marilyn Bethune.

Sympathy was extended to the families of Selwyn Morgan and Clifford Spinks, who passed away during June 2014.

The group was encouraged to remember Joan Forrester, Melvin Stringer and Dot Godwin as well as those serving in the United States Armed Forces and missionaries.

Everyone was asked to bring aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines, soup labels and box tops to support Eastside Elementary School.

Beverly and Johnny Groover were recognized for hosting banana split day, described as “a hit” with everyone attending.

Frank and Sadie Webster decorated the tables and Annie Ruth Duke lead the group in singing happy birthday and anniversary to the following: Rick Brown, Jean Clay and Faye Womack and Jerry and Jackie Adair and Frank and Sadie Webster.

Door prizes were presented to Jean and Bill Weaver, Ava Lee and LC Matthews, Anne Wright, Faye Womack and Audrey Williams.

Barry Lancaster presented a program of music before a time of food and fellowship by those attending the meeting.