Glad Tidings Church Thanksgiving event

Glad Tidings Church in Cedartown provided a Thanksgiving meal for free to local residents during a Wednesday afternoon event ahead of the holiday last week. (Sean Williams/Standard Journal)

  • A local church continues its annual tradition of giving away Thanksgiving.

Cedartown residents ate well thanks to Glad Tidings Church continuing the tradition of giving out free Thanksgiving meals.

The several hours of work and preparation by church members resulted in the giveaway of over 150 meals to local families, and the group has similar plans for next year.

“We’ve been doing this for decades,” church member Sarah Mccomb said. “It started with Bishop Henderson who named it the Lord’s Kitchen because anyone and everyone was welcome to participate. Our current pastor Tony Davis is working to keep the vision going.”

Several Tiding attendees were present in the kitchen preparing enough turkey, dressing, cranberry, and other festive foods for families to eat during the Nov. 22 lunch.

Child and adult sized portions were prepared into plates, and the church nearly gave away the entire supply before the afternoon event wrapped up.

“We like to make sure everyone gets a meal first,” Mccomb said. “Once everyone has had one we start distributing them to the community, so don’t be upset if you want 6 or 7 plates and we can’t do that until everyone has had some.”

Glad Tidings has been in the business of giving away free food for decades, and the group is always looking for more members and volunteers to help out every year.

Those interested in the church and its happening should visit 703 Robert L. Parks Blvd.

“Volunteers and members are always welcome,” Mccomb reassured.