Police news

A 10-year-old girl who darted across the street to join a sib-ling was struck in the head before she could get to the other side on late Wednesday afternoon in Cedartown, and remains in a Chattanooga hospital.

Georgia State Patrol public relations officials said no charges were taken out against the driver, and the child was rushed to the hospital for treatment after being struck by the vehicle in the eastbound lane.

According to reports from the office so far, the girl was try-ing to cross at 1196 East Ave. in Cedartown with her mother on one side of the roadway, and a her sibling on the other.

The girl was almost hit by a vehicle in the westbound lane, and made it into the middle turn lane before she was struck in the eastbound lane.

Cedartown Police Chief Jamie Newsome said Wednesday af-ternoon that his officers responded quickly to the scene and the girl was airlifted out to a Chattanooga-area hospital for treatment. She remains in critical but stable condition.

Newsome turned the investigation of the incident over to Georgia State Patrol.