Cedartown Middle School’s streak has reached its ending point.

As fate would have it, Cedartown was run out of their own stadium in yesterday’s 41-0 loss.

A familiar foe- the Rockmart Yellow Jackets- were the assailants. The Jackets entered Doc Ayers Field at Cedartown Memorial Stadium on Tuesday evening and simply outclasses the Bulldogs.

Rockmart’s defense smothered Cedartown’s offense throughout the league contest. It did not help that Bulldog quarterback, Jordan Beasley, had to miss the big-time game. On the other hand, the Jacket offense marched down the field at ease.

After 43 consecutive league wins for the Bulldogs, to say that Tuesday’s loss was a shocker would be an understatement.

As local photographer Gail Conner put it, “Rockmart just outright won it. Their quarterback, Whatley, was a beast in the game.”

Whatley is no doubt a recognizable last name for Jacket fans. JD Whatley, the RMS star, is the little brother of current RHS quarterback Javin Whatley.

The Jackets led 19-0 after the first half. The Bulldogs were unable to slow them down any in the second, as Rockmart outscored Cedartown 22-0 in the third and fourth quarters.

Though many expected a great matchup between the two undefeated squads, nobody in Polk County projected a 41-0 shellacking in the rivalry game.

The good news for Cedartown is this: they had already clinched a spot in the league championship game. The game will be played Tuesday, Oct. 15. Yesterday’s game only determined the home-field advantage for the title game.

Although they have the opportunity to upset Rockmart in two weeks, there are plenty of areas for improvement in this Bulldog squad.

“Our boys quit on us today,” said Assistant Coach James Diamond. “They will need to mature a lot before the championship game in Rockmart, and we are going to do all we can to have them ready by the fifteenth.”

As of now, WGAA Radio in Cedartown is planning on broadcasting the League Championship Game on Oct. 15.

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