Staff reports

Rockmart High Yellow Jackets pitcher Ty Floyd is having a great run through the Class AA playoffs.

Yet no matter how the games turn out at this point, Floyd will still be playing baseball through the summer with the opportunity to play on Team Georgia along with other top junior players from across the state.

The selection will see him travel to Oklahoma over the summer to play in a series of games against other players from around the country and Canada.

Head coach Kenny Yanzetich said that Floyd’s selection on the team is one that makes perfect sense considering his abilities as a pitcher.

“It’s raw, natural ability,” Yanzetich said. “God reached down and blessed him with a lightning bolt of a right arm. Over the last two years he’s honed in his control and right now he’s on top of his game. He’s hot.”

For his part, Floyd said that he was excited by the prospects of playing others across the country.

“It’s a blessing, it’s a great honor for me,” he said. “It’ll be a fun time to go to Oklahoma and get to play with a bunch of buddies. It’s going to be a good time out there.”

In his latest performance on the mound on Tuesday against Callaway, Floyd played through seven innings and a no hitter, throwing 13 consecutive strikeouts on the night and adding five more and a walk before he finished up.

“I guess it is the intensity that really gets me going,” Floyd said. “Every time I’ve stepped up to pitch, we’ve been down in the series and I’ve needed to make sure that we will still be split up for the next day. I know that my hitters and pitchers have me backed up.”

“It’s fun to pitch when you know you’re doing good,” he added.

The Tuesday night game 2 performance in the Final Four of the Class AA playoffs marked Floyd’s second time up on the mound with a no hitter against state contenders.