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Editor's note: Polk County officials have revised the date of a meeting being held about flood control. The date was printed as June 20 in this week's edition, but it is being held on Wednesday this week. -KM

Residents in the area of Rockmart, Morgan Valley and Vincent Mountain should know about the potential changes to flood risk, which could change the cost of their insurance.

To help with this problem, a local meeting is being held in Cedartown to talk about the coming changes to the community's flood maps.

Those maps are used by insurance companies to determine whether and how much to charge property owners who are at risk of property damage due to rising waters.

The Flood Risk Open house is being held on Wednesdaty, June 21 for residents to drop-in and learn about the risks and pending changes from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Polk County Emergency Management Office at 55 Cline Ingram Jackson Road, Cedartown.

Those wanting more information can also visit www.georgiadfirm.com.