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It’s difficult to imagine what our lives would be without natural resources such as soil, water, trees or minerals. You may notice these natural resources while enjoying a hike in the woods, but did you know natural resources are used to provide us with food, clothing, homes, electricity and much more?

Farmers depend on soil and water to grow their crops. Trees provide paper and lumber for buildings. Georgia Farm Bureau is asking middle school students to describe the relationship between farmers and natural resources as the topic for its annual essay contest.

The Polk County Farm Bureau encourages 6th, 7th and 8th grade students to enter the 2020 Georgia Farm Bureau Middle School Essay Contest. The contest is open to students attending public or private schools and homeschooled children. Students may enter in the county in which they live or attend school but not both.

The winner of the Polk County Farm Bureau Essay Contest will receive $50 for 1st place and $25 for 2nd and 3rd place, the District winners will receive $100 cash and State Winner will receive $150 cash.

“Georgia farmers grow the food we eat, cotton and wool to clothe us, and timber for our houses. As they grow their crops and livestock, farmers are also taking care of natural resources on their farm such as soil, water, trees, and air quality. The healthier their farms are, the better their crops and livestock will grow,” said James Casey, Polk County Farm Bureau president. “By participating in the annual Farm Bureau Middle School Essay Contest, we hope students will learn how important natural resources, like water and healthy soil, are for farmers and how farmers conserve the natural resources on their farms.”

To enter the contest, students should contact the Polk County Farm Bureau for an official entry form and contest rules. All entries must be received at the Polk Farm Bureau office by February 28, 2020.

All essay entries must be officially submitted by the local Farm Bureau to the Georgia Farm Bureau home office.

The Polk County Farm Bureau Essay Contest winner will be entered in the Georgia Farm Bureau District 3 competition. The district winner will receive a cash prize of $100. The 10 GFB district winners will compete for the state prize of $150 cash. Previous state winners are not eligible.

Essays will be judged on how well the essay topic is addressed, adherence to standard English grammar rules, and use of primary and secondary sources for research pertaining to essay topic referenced in the essay.

Teachers can access lesson plans for 6th through 8th grade students that accompany this essay question at To view a hands-on STEM activity that complements the lesson plan visit .

This contest is sponsored by Georgia Farm Bureau and coordinated by the Georgia Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee. For more information, contact the Polk County Farm Bureau office at 770-748-5641.

Founded in 1937, Georgia Farm Bureau is the state’s largest general farm organization. Its volunteer members participate in local, state and national activities to promote agriculture to their non-farming neighbors. GFB offers its members a wide variety of benefits, including insurance, but enrollment in any of the member benefits is optional and not a requirement for membership.

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