Cedartown Exchange Club Student of the Month January 2018

The Exchange Club of Cedartown named Emily Pointer of Cedartown High School their Student of the Month. She'll be one of five named by the club this year. Member Michelle Ruper made the presentation. (Kevin Myrick/Standard Journal)

  • The Cedartown High School student will be one of five to be honored through the year.

The first of several local students joined members of the Exchange Club of Cedartown on a school night to receive a special honor to start the year.

Cedartown High School’s Emily Pointer is the first of five students the club will honor in the months to come. Pointer, who will graduate having served as a drum major, earned dual enrollment hours and much more, took time off from her busy schedule to join Exchange members to receive $100 and a plaque to remind her of the honor.

She told Exchange members about her experience in school, including her falling “just a class short” of earning her general education associate’s degree and earning a 4 on a recent advanced placement English exam.

That will allow Pointer to enter college in the school year to come with plenty of credit hours under her belt to move toward a bachelor’s degree.

Pointer, who served as a drum major this past year for the Marching Band, also serves as Captain for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at CHS and is a member of the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy.

She told the club about their “Do Good December” project putting together needed toiletries and supplies for students who are also foster children, many of them at Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center in Cedartown.

Pointer’s award makes her the first of the year for the club, who are moving away from simply awarding just academic high achievers.

They’ll still be rewarding students like Pointer, who not only represents one of Cedartown High School’s best students and leaders, but also looking for students from different walks of life.

Pointer represented students from the Fine Arts side of education, but those who are in programs in the College and Career Academny’s various program, athletics and others are being considered this year.

“We have a lot of talent we need to celebrate,” club member Michelle Ruper said. “We’ve got a national champion welder from the area, and students who have talents like these should be celebrated as well.”

Pointer and other students who are selected will later be eligible for scholarship funds locally, and can compete for them through the Exchange Club nationally.