Audrey Lee, Evo win big at Westminster Dog Show

Professional handler Tony Carter, and co-breeders Debbie Slayton and Cedartown Pet Boutique owner Audrey Lee took Best of Breed for Tibetan Mastiff "Evo" at the Westminster Dog Show last week. (Contributed photo)

A pup with a local connection won big at the latest American Kennel Club Westminster Dog Show this past week, and was featured on the annual broadcast. The AKC Champion and bronze grand champion whose full name is Dreamcatcher Cairbre To Lokis Major at Aujudon, also known as Evo, took best in breed at the 2018 Westminster Dog Show.

Evo, a 4-year-old bred by Cedartown Pet Boutique owner Audrey Lee, is a Tibetan Mastiff who is handled Tony Carter of Seattle, who along with Debbie Slayton also of Seattle co-bred the pup.

Evo was ranked sixth in the world in 2017 and ranked second in the world in 2016. He has previously won awards at an Albany, Oregon, show in 2017 at the American Tibetian Mastiff Association National Specialties and Chintimini Kennel Club show. Lee said one of her other dogs was also shown, but didn’t make the cut this year.

“I was in the ring too with his daughter, but it didn’t work out,” she said. “That’s OK though, my boy got the ultimate prize.”