During the spring, one of the most beautiful ornamental flowers is the Easter Lily.

We can thank Louis Houghton, a World War I soldier, for the popularity of the Bermuda lily which is better known as the Easter lily in this country.

In 1919, Mr. Houghton brought a suitcase full of hybrid lily bulbs to the southern coast of Oregon and gave them to family and friends. The climate in southern Oregon was ideal for growing this lily.

The cultivar most commonly grown for the U.S. market is the Nellie White. It has white, fragrant trumpet shaped flowers. When buying a lily, look for a plant with flowers in various stages of bloom from buds to open or partially opened flowers.

Foliage should be dense and rich green in color.

At home, keep your lily away from drafts and drying heat sources such as heating ducts. Bright, indirect light is best with temperatures of 65 to 75oF.

Water the lily only when the soil feels dry, do not over water. To prolong the life of the blossoms, remove the yellow anthers (pollen-bearing pods) found in the center of each flower.

Enjoy your Easter Lily — as a sign of spring.

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