Eastside Elementary School celebrated the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays in the most traditional way possible: a feast with family and friends.

The school and its staff worked in the days ahead of last week's meal to prepare enough Thanksgiving food that could feed the students from several grades and any family or friends invited.

The first Holiday Lunch saw the school's cafeteria was filled to the brim with ecstatic smiles and holiday d├ęcor.

The other grades- Kindergarten, second, and fourth- will get to partake in a Christmas Holiday Lunch later in December.

The event will be largely similar to the Thanksgiving Holi-day Lunch but will feature more holiday appropriate foods.

"The only reason we're separating the events and grades is because our campus would become way too crowded," Princi-pal Wesley Cupp said. "We really can't hold the traffic com-bining all the grades would bring."

The event seemed well received by the crowd that gracious-ly gobbled down food, and the staff, volunteers, and PTO seemed to enjoy watching their hard work pay off.

"It shows how much staff helps," Cupp explained. "Volun-teers dedicated time and effort, PTO helped a lot, and the lunch ladies had to pretty much prepare food for an entirely different school. The city police are here to sit and eat with kids who couldn't have a parent over, and if you look around, teachers are helping serve tea. The school and community really came together on this one."

The school's Christmas Lunch will be later in December, and letters are being sent home with students to provide more information on how families can participate.

Those looking for more information on future events or school details should visit http://www.polk.k12.ga.us/6/Home.