Doyle Kelley's last day

Cedartown and Rockmart fans alike gave Doyle Kelley a standing ovation during ceremonies prior to the start of the last game of the season for the Bulldogs, and for Kelley's last game as head coach. He was joined by his family on the field and was presented a Bulldogs baseball jersey signed by teammates. (Contributed by Gail Conner)

State Rep. Trey Kelley (R-Cedartown) got to bring his family to the gold dome this morning with only a few days left of the session to celebrate a special occasion. 

His father, Cedartown High School head football coach Doyle Kelley and Worldview Baptist Church pastor, was able to act as Chaplain of the State House for the day. So as the state house gets busy at work this morning, they'll first get a blessing from Doyle Kelley. 

"I think this is the third or fourth time I've been able to have him up there, and it's always a special day to have him up there and my mom, and Amy (Kelley's wife) will be with me," State Rep. Trey Kelley said. He added that his brother Lee would likely be joining him at the State Capitol to enjoy the day as well.

The family joins Kelley in Atlanta today as four days remain this week on the schedule for the state legislative session, and a last day on April 2. Kelley said the final days of the session brings to an end a positive 40-days for the state legislature. 

"There's always a new adjustment period where everyone is getting to know the new Governor, and the new Lieutenant Governor, and we have a lot of new members in the house," he said. "But we've worked hard this year to get a lot of done for Georgians." 

The House was expected this week to take up the "Heartbeat" Bill, or H.B. 431, was passed by the state Senate last week and come backs over for a reconciliation vote before it heads to the desk of Gov. Brian Kemp. 

"We're also taking up Gov. Kemp's Patient First Act, which would bring additional health care coverage to hardworking Georgians," Kelley said. 

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