DAPC's Rachel Rowell and Missy Kendrick

Rachel Rowell, left, explains job duties to Missy Kendrick, new President of the Development Authority of Polk County (DAPC), during a brief visit to Polk on Friday. 

Agnes Hagin/SJ

Missy Kendrick, new President of the Development Authority of Polk County (DAPC), made a visit to Rockmart prior to her arrival on Monday, Sept. 19.

She said she is excited to be in the county and anticipates working with each community leader, business and industry representatives.

“I have received a warm welcome during my brief time here,” she said. “I look forward to getting acquainted with everyone who supports the vision of continued expansion and growth of existing and new industry.”

Kendrick plans to work closely with people involved in existing industries. She described each firm as important to the local economy and recognized that existing industry often attracts similar or related companies.

Board members, who gathered for the September meeting, welcomed her. They are David Williams, chairman; Jamie Morris, vice chair; Charles Pinkard, treasurer; Karen Nissen, secretary; Ray Carter, Larry Kuglar, Britt Madden, Jr., and Rocky Tillery. Ex-officio members present were Jason Ward, Bill Fann, and Jeff Ellis.

They gave information about areas of expertise and what individuals bring to the table in economic development.

Each expressed regret about the departure of Rachel Rowell, who submitted her position to DAPC in June.

Williams said Rowell would be missed. “She has done an excellent job for us since coming to Polk County,” he said. “Rachel is a true professional and knows how to work with new and existing industry leaders and local decision makers. She has the respect and admiration of everyone she meets.”

He also emphasized that Rowell will remain until early October. This will allow a transition of the leadership role in Polk’s economic development (new and expanding industrial projects.)

Rowell, during a report to the group, said work continues on the spec building project, but other prospect activity has slowed.

Board members, in individual comments, discussed workforce development to provide the needed labor pool for new and existing industry.

A brief report was heard about continue efforts of partners regarding the tourism industry and new ways to grow this segment of the local economy. This was noted by Tamaka Hudson, executive director of the Polk County Chamber of Commerce.

Missy Kendrick comes from Barnesville-Lamar County where she has been the Executive Director for the past 11 years.

Kendrick has worked in Chamber or Economic Development agencies for more than 20 years. She is a certified Economic Development Finance Professional and a recognized Chamber Institute for Organization Management graduate. She serves on the Board of GEDA (Georgia Economic Developers Association) as Second Vice-Chair and serves on several local boards in varying capacities.

The Mission of the Development Authority of Polk County (DAPC) is to pursue new jobs, economic growth, and development in Polk County through assisting existing industries with expansions, as well as recruiting new business and industry to Polk County.

The President/CEO is responsible for furthering the business development aspirations and strategies of the community as defined by the DAPC board and economic development stakeholders from the public and private sector.