DAPC meeting - April 2018

The DAPC held their April meeting at the Cedartown Welcome Center and Depot. (Kevin Myrick/SJ)

The Development Authority of Polk County has a lot on its plate at any given time. From trying to help new industrial partners find a home locally to seeking out new opportunities, President and CEO Missy Kendrick stays busy.

During the DAPC board’s latest meeting for April, she outlined her latest work to bring business to the area, and from a variety of different angles.

One of those is how to get more film productions to call Polk County home.

Kendrick gave an update to the board about the initial work being done to get an organized effort together for the Film Polk initiative she launched in past weeks, as well as provide some good news.

Previous coverage of her work on Film Polk 2018 is already getting statewide attention, which provided Kendrick an additional contact point for the DAPC to have when promoting the area as a setting for movie or television productions.

She also said that she’s looking to work with the cities and the county to ensure that everyone has similar ordinances in place that govern how film crews can operate, and what fees they’ll have to pay in order to ensure the municipalities work together in a united effort to attract film crews locally.

The initiative seeks to capitalize off of what started last summer with Hap and Leonard locating much of their production work in Cedartown for the third season as the city played the fictional location of Grovetown, Texas, which is currently running on Sundance TV.

In recent weeks, Aragon has been the setting of a rap video, and last week Cedartown was selected to be part of a new HBO series.

Kendrick sees it as the first steps to making sure that Polk County is heading in the right direction when it comes to working with production crews to locate here — and thus spend money locally instead of elsewhere on a variety of items — and provide a potential new industry for the area to capitalize on.

In the meantime, the regular work of the DAPC carries on as Kendrick remains busy keeping up with requests for business prospects in the area.

She reported that prospect activity has remained steady and “heavy” in the past months, with several requests for information on properties and local agreements carrying over from the month of March, and three new ones since the start of April.

Since no actual agreements have been signed, she had no further information to provide on those prospects.

In the meantime, there’s other areas keeping the DAPC busy at work as well. Kendrick is preparing for a trip to Dallas, Texas in the coming weeks to represent Polk County at a ‘Meet the Consultants’ conference for an International Economic Development Council meeting.

She’s also working with two banks — Suntrust and Southcrest — on loan renewals for two properties the DAPC is still searching for buyers to take on, the Earley property and the SPEC building completed in 2014.

There’s also a monthly luncheon and red carpet tour coming up for the Georgia Economic Development Association to prepare for as well.

Among the voting items the board considered during the DAPC’s monthly session, they approved of a new member to take over the spot on the Polk County College and Career Academy Board vacated by Britt Madden Jr.

Since Madden is running for the school board, he had to give up the position on the board since remaining there would have been a conflict of interest.

Karen Nissen, who also sits on that board and is a non-voting representative for the DAPC, recommended that Georgia Power’s Tim Turner take over the position, since he has long ties in the community and two children in the Polk School District.

“He’s also done a lot of work with us on our building (the Cedartown Campus of the Polk County College and Career Academy),” Nissen said.

She said she felt he’d make a great addition to the College and Career Academy board.

DAPC board members unanimously approved of the selection. Turner will still have to go before the Polk County Chamber of Commerce board for approval, since the two are putting forth the nominations for a new member.

Also, Kendrick said that work is still underway on refining the language of the Intergovernmental Agreement, and hopes to have that back before the board sometime during the coming summer.