3D Mammography at Floyd Polk Medical Center

In the fight against breast cancer, residents of Polk County will soon have easier access to the latest technology for mammograms with 3D mammography being offered at Polk Medical Center.

A Genius 3D Mammography machine will be installed during the second week of October in Polk Medical Center. Appointments for 3D mammograms will be available in November.

Genius 3D Mammography, helps provide earlier detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. Studies from the National Cancer Institute show that the 98.8 percent of women live at least five years after their breast cancer diagnosis if it is diagnosed and treated while it is found only in the breast.

A 3D mammogram gives a better view of all breast tissue. It allows cancers that are hiding behind dense breast tissue to be caught earlier. This type of mammogram also reduces the frequency of false-positives. This means that fewer patients are asked to return for a second mammogram to get additional views of their breast tissue.

Traditional 2D mammograms take a single X-ray view of each breast and have been a very effective breast cancer screening tool for decades. Three-dimensional mammography takes multiple images of breast tissue from many different angles with the X-ray tube moving in an arc across the breast. These images are then complied to create 3D images.

“The primary difference between a 2D mammogram and a 3D mammogram is that part of the machine moves slightly during the procedure. Each of the four positions will require that a patient has two breath holds instead of one,” said Aimee Griffin, Director of The Breast Center at Floyd and Director of Imaging Services for Floyd. “The addition of the 3D images to the patient’s test only adds about one to two minutes of total test time.“

Because of the Know in 24 promise offered by The Breast Center at Floyd, individuals who receive a 3D mammogram at Polk Medical Center will receive their mammogram results within 24 hours. Technologists who perform 3D mammograms at Polk Medical Center undergo the same training as staff members at The Breast Center at Floyd and the Mobile Mammography Coach.

Genius 3D Mammography complements an extensive portfolio of services offered by The Breast Center at Floyd that includes clinical breast exams, personalized risk assessments, screening mammograms, genetic testing and customized screening plans for women with an elevated breast cancer risk.

For more information about 3D mammography or to schedule a mammogram at any of our locations, call The Breast Center at Floyd at 706.509.6840.

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