Browning says additional charges against Rowland are coming based on evidence presented in the hearing.

Polk County Animal Control officials can now seek out rescue groups to help with finding homes for nearly three dozens dogs found during raids in past weeks of properties as part of an animal cruelty case.

A hearing over who was going to end up with final custody of the dogs was held on Friday to resolve a condemnation order sought by the county that was fought by the owner of the 35 dogs found on Puckett Road, 32-year-old Devecio Ranard Rowland.

Rowland remains in jail without bail on 107 counts of cruelty to animals, 2 counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, conspiracy to commit a felony and a probation violation offense.

Candace Sorrells, 34, who was charged following Rowland’s arrest and 8 additional dogs found at her address in Rockmart, faces 107 counts of being party to a crime and a probation violation offense.

District attorney Jack Browning said that with the decision to approve the condemnation order and allow the dogs to be taken under county control by the Superior Court, rehabilitation for these dogs can move forward.

“Our animal control facility in Polk County wasn’t built to handle this many dogs at one time, much less dogs who have been through the ordeal and stress that these have,” Browning said. “So I’m thankful that we can now move forward on finding appropriate homes for these dogs and get them the help and love that they need and deserve.”

Browning said that additional charges based on the evidence presented during the hearing will be forthcoming against Rowland.

Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd reported earlier last week that many of the 115 dogs found in the case are finding rescue groups to take them in, but not all of them yet. With the release to the county of the latest group by court order, the hopes are that they’ll start finding rescue organizations to take the 35 found at Puckett Road in close by with the hopes of being able to gather evidence and monitor their recovery.