Public Works construction July 2017

Polk County’s new Public Works facility is nearing final completion. 

Kevin Myrick

Fueling station next up on building project list

The long awaited replacement for the Public Works facility in Polk County is nearing final completion according to Director Michael Gravett.

He told Polk County Commissioners that contractors are working on the final list of items they caught to complete during recent walkthroughs of the facility, and that his own employees have a bit of work to do as well.

Gravett said his workers will still also have to put down another layer of asphalt and take care of landscaping in house before they'll call the building completely done.

He expects the building to get its final inspection and letter of occupancy later this month, and for his department to make its move by the end of August.

The $1.5 million Public Works facility has been under construction since late last year. The new six-bay facility replaces one that has housed the department for decades, and will be removed once the move is done.

In the meantime, the county will also soon be building its own fueling station next to the public works facility to keep vehicles tanks topped off.

That project is set to kick off this week when the initial work to set the fuel tanks is set to get underway, Gravett said. He expected a 45-day timetable before the fueling station will be completed for a cost of more than $200,000.

Costs of purchasing bulk fuel for use by county vehicles is expected to save money in the long run despite the initial investment. It'll include the addition of a covered area and cards that will track fuel use by employees.